zephryn/prospero on the banks of the river thames


Never has a Shakespearean retelling played so much relevance in today’s society... this passionately performed and candid re-imagining of The Tempest is definitely worth watching

Five years in the making, Fifth Column's follow-up to Way of the Morris is a euphoric blend of drama and documentary. TEMPEST is both a celebration of contemporary urban youth culture, and a 21st Century re-imagining of Shakespeare's last great play.

17 young actors from South London struggle to put on a production. Their story unfolds alongside Prospero's as The Oval is transformed into Shakespeare’s magical island and the outcast Duke conjures the spirits in his quest to regain his kingdom.

In the aftermath of the youth and student uprisings, the Jubilee celebrations and the Olympic Games, TEMPEST is also our contribution to the ongoing debate on Englishness and English identity.

Running time: 78 minutes
A CURRY/FLETCHER FILM      Zeprhyn Taitte       TEMPEST      Editor  Francesco Caradonna      Online Editor  Shaun Harrison      Animation  Jessica Ashman  Sound post-production  Assaf Gidron      Composer  Roi Erez      Music Supervisor  Valentina Brazzini      Stage production director  Nicholai La Barrie      Directors of Photography  Daniel Fazio  Richard Mitchell       Produced & Directed by Anthony Fletcher Rob Curry      Shot entirely on location in Lambeth, South London      © Fifth Column Films 2012
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