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Tempest should really be sent to all government and council departments who make funding and provision decisions for young people, as it shows and convinces of the importance of participation, not just in youth theatre, but the arts in general.
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TEMPEST is an excellent educational resource, with a virtually unparralleled set of links into the Secondary school national curriculum.
The film depicts a group of teenagers exploring a Shakespeare text, examining the relevance of the work in the modern age, as well as dealing with social issues facing young people today.

In terms of the curriculum, it has particular relevance to:
  • English (KS3, GCSE,AS,A2)
  • Citizenship (KS3)
  • Drama (KS3, GCSE, AS)
  • Media Studies (GCSE, AS V OCR, A2)
  • Film Studies (AS VWJEC)
Exactly how it relates to all these fields is detailed in our education pack.
A CURRY/FLETCHER FILM      Zeprhyn Taitte       TEMPEST      Editor  Francesco Caradonna      Online Editor  Shaun Harrison      Animation  Jessica Ashman  Sound post-production  Assaf Gidron      Composer  Roi Erez      Music Supervisor  Valentina Brazzini      Stage production director  Nicholai La Barrie      Directors of Photography  Daniel Fazio  Richard Mitchell       Produced & Directed by Anthony Fletcher Rob Curry      Shot entirely on location in Lambeth, South London       Fifth Column Films 2012
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